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March 23, 2017



Is the greatest salutary Theophany of the Mass (as experienced by Sr. Lucia at her convent in Tuy, Spain in 1929) the key to the Third Secret?  This vision where the words “Misericordia” and “Gratias” were actually spelled out alongside the vision substantiates the exegesis of “gratias” employed in this book. 

The Mass is “gratias” and “misericordia.” “Gratias” means “graces,” not “thanks.”  The first part of the Mass, like unto the Old Dispensation, petit…

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Why Did the Son of God Come Down to Earth?

October 4, 2016

Why did the Son of God [Who is Himself God] come down to earth?

Had Christ come to earth solely to suffer and die at Calvary, in time, He would have been forgotten or become merely an historical figure of a different kind.  Christ Himself indicated He did not want to be merely remembered when He taught His Apostles the words of worship: “Do this into my memory” (spoken at the Consecration of the bread and wine into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ; at every validly executed Mass).…

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The Sacred Heart and the Precious Blood of Jesus

July 7, 2016

What Kind of Catholic Are You?

Only the Catholics of Apostolic tradition refer to the sacred heart and to the precious blood of Jesus. Why? There is this major difference.

From the earliest days, "Protest-tants" denied that the bread and wine, once consecrated by the actions of Christ's validly ordained priest, truly becomes the Body and Blood of Christ, while retaining the appearance of bread and wine.

To deny this truth is to become a heretic. To deny this truth is to Forego Catholici…

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Canonized Latin Mass

September 29, 2015

Each month, MAETA sponsors a Canonized Latin Mass Divine Liturgy--one for the living and one for the Souls in Purgatory.  These Masses are celebrated by a priest ordained in the Sacrament of Holy Orders, as it was before Vatican Two; and he prays the Canonized Latin Mass as it was prescribed before Vatican Two.  Those on the Prayer List will share in the benefits of these Masses.  As a thank you, every donator is added to the Prayer List. 


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