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This book is a theological work. Please perceive it as such. To help you to do so, I relate the following conversation while dining with an older well-educated “gentlemanly” priest of Spanish descent. 

Father said that he was glad to talk to me since I was a famous supporter of the Latin Mass.  “I guess you like Latin,” he exclaimed.

With great exaggeration, I replied as follows: “I hate Latin...I like Greed, Hebrew, French... I despise Latin as a language...”

These remarks shocked him.  After he recovered, he said, “I suppose you like nostalgia.”

“I’m not old enough nor sentimental enough to like nostalgia.”

Then he was so shocked he could barely manage to mumble a complaint about the long list of saints in the Latin Mass.  Finally, I broke the silence.

“You might not understand this, BUT I’m for the Canonized or Latin Liturgy for THEOOGICAL REASONS.”

My wish and prayer that you may perceive the theology, or more accurately, the HOMOLOGY (the MAN-DIRECTED-NESS) of NOEL (the Novus Ordo English Liturgy) – especially in the light of officially binding and essential Catholic Dogma.

I wish and pray that you may begin to perceive and appreciate the truly Catholic value and unsurpassed worth of CL–the Canonized Liturgy.

I am not issuing nor promoting dogmatic pronouncements.  These have already been made–by dogmatic and conciliary statements; by the obvious Will of Christ; by the binding sensus fidelium as formed by and expressed in its essential of THE MASS and SACRAMENTS.

In this book, I am exercising my right as a PASTORAL theologian or priest–to reinforce the proper convictions of some and to bring others to attain proper convictions.  I demonstrate and “applu” TO NOEL–as it exists in North America–pertinent official and binding Catholic Dogma.


“By the fact itself that the liberty of all the cults without distinction is established, Truth is intermingled with Error, and the Holy and Immaculate Spouse of Christ, the Church outside of which there can be no salvation, is put into a class with heretical sects and even with the Jewish perfidy.  Moreover, by promising support and favor to the heretical sects, one tolerates and favors not only their persons, but their errors.  It is implicitly the disastrous and forever deplorable that St. Augustine mentions in these terms: ‘It affirms that all heretics are on the right path and speak the Truth, an absurdity so monstrous that I cannot believe that any sect professes it.’” —Pope Pius VII, Post tam diuturnitias.

“The Church says: Cast out heretics and their children; for heretics shall not be heirs with Catholics.” St. Augustine




CL–  Canonized Liturgy

NOEL–  Novus Ordo English Liturgy


I graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans with a Physics degree, worked for a year as an electronics engineer. Then I entered the Jesuits and was ordained, June 7, 1966.  I received a License in Sacred Theology (S.T.L.) from St. Louis University in 1968; have a graduate degree in physics and philosophy, a specialization in the Philosophy of Science.

As a priest, I “said” Novus Ordo English Liturgy-- NOEL-- or its perversions for nearly twenty-five years. By God’s grace/providence, I started saying CL, the Canonized Liturgy for the first time around 1991. Out of such priestly experiences came my CONVERSION.

I began to see the awful awesome truth about NOEL. HOW? By seeing and EXPERIENCING THE UNRESOLVED DIFFERENCES BETWEEN NOEL AND CL; and by reading the TRUTH concerning both of these.

I once was a liberal leader, at least, among my Jesuit confers. If I, a liberal Jesuit leader, can be converted, so can you. Pray. Be informed. Your eternal destiny is AT RISK from what you do or fail to do.

Why didn’t I convert earlier? My blind and sinful admiration for reigning authorities and experts PREVENTED God’s graces from taking root. The seed of God’s graces fell on rock. Also, having a scientific mind, I took a “wait and see” attitude. Let’s give the experiment a try. Who was I to judge the “approved” NEW and NOVEL?

Now the clouds have lifted. After twenty-five years, the RESULTS ARE IN.  NOEL is a PROVEN fiducial and liturgical failure and disaster.

The CRITICAL STUDY of eminent theologians and cardinals as submitted by the then Number One Cardinal Ottaviani on September 25, 1969 was MORE THAN RIGHT. It CONDEMNED THE NOVUS  ORDO!

Since 1969, NOEL has far surpassed its five original standards in praying, and thus, teaching dis-edifying and/or heretical beliefs.  Let this book help confirm and strengthen your God-given convictions about what is now obvious to every intelligent, informed and “sighted” person. 



Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger confessed that liturgy has become “the people’s thing.”  The Cardinal in charge of liturgy confessed the ugly truth.  In spite of what blindly loyalist “new mass” Catholics propagandized or “demonically believe,” both Holy Ordered Priesthood and Holy Mass have been rejected.  In turn, God’s sentence sets in: “Ichabod.”  Each community worships itself (as Bishops decide) but not God, as Christ decided. So has Cardinal Ratzinger verified and confirmed.

“We were assured that, as times changed, so must ritual.... we were told a million lies and half truths.”

The Latin Mass, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Special Edition, 1966.

Fr. Paul Trinchard. S.T.L., New Mass Conclusively Invalid, 1st edition 2004

May Pope Benedict XVI rest in peace. Amen.



The account of Our Lady of Knock, Ireland, a Church-approved apparition, as recorded by Mary Fabyan Windeatt occurred on August 21, 1879. Our Lady appeared outside the parish church along with St. Joseph, St. John the Evangelist, and the Lamb of God on the altar. This vision happened outside the church on the sidewalk. Many people gathered up close, and others were able to see the heavenly light of the apparitions from a distance.

The Evil Spirit of Vatican II denigrated Mary Most Holy as priests used the pulpit to ridicule the Rosary and even break them in some cases if the press can be believed.

St. Joseph is inserted into the Canon of Martyrs.

The Last Gospel of St. John is removed.

“The Lamb that was slain” is removed from the center Tabernacle of the altar to reside outside the church in the “adoration chapel.” If the Lamb, Christ, is not present, is it valid to call such a service the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? If the Lamb is missing, is Christ being worshiped? If everything is “changed,” can it still be the “same?”

After Mass, the Marian prayers and the Prayer to St. Michael were stopped.

Is this prophetic vision for our times?  Is it informing us of a truth we need to know? In the 1960s, Revolutionary Bishops openly defied Church Canon Law, the Deposit of Faith,  Sacred Tradition and 19 centuries of Christ’s Canonized Latin Mass of the Roman Rite given us from the Son of God Himself!

Is Holy Mary informing ahead of time so that we recognize it when we see it? Is Holy Mary telling us that “what was once Holy Mass confecting Jesus ‘active and alive’ in the Holy Eucharist, in the Tabernacle” is no longer so? This is a “Church-approved” apparition! It is also congruent with that of Our Lady of La Salette, also Church-approved but  hidden from Catholics for some time. 

Astounding as this is, the words of the 1960s Bishop of Rome, Pope Paul VI are even more so: “The smoke of Satan is in the sanctuary of the Church!” Pope Leo recognized the dangers to the Church. Is it likely that these warnings from Our Lady are the reason why Pope Leo composed his special Prayer to St. Michael?

It is interesting to note that the apparition figures represent the major changes to the Mass: Our Lady is denigrated; St. Joseph is added to the Canon of Martyrs; St. John’s Gospel is eliminated from the Mass and the Holy Sacrifice making “active and alive” in our midst, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, is eliminated from His own Tabernacle on the Altar!

Questions remain. If there is departure from truth and the law, laws are broken in order to change, is it right and just that the wrongful changes should become the new law, be imposed and obeyed and life goes on as if nothing has happened?

Even if the Mother of God draws us a picture?

[Information for this article taken from the story of Our Lady of Knock written by Mary Fabyan Wineatt; pictures by Dedge Harmon.

LA SALETTE (free download)


In the days of Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903) he often found himself having to explain Catholic teaching.  For example, only priests are ordained to "say Mass" and only priests have the "power and authority" to confect the sacraments.  Laymen are not so authorized.  

Catholic prayer books with Latin Mass translations were non-existent.  Popes did not authorize Mass prayerbooks with English translations. Despite this papal prohibition, Catholic publishers produced these prayerbooks with English translations and American bishops stamped their "imprimaturs."   To this very day, there is no English translation yet approved by the proper authorities in Rome.

Why did the Church not approve such prayerbook translations?  Perhaps the answer can be found in the aftermath of Vatican II when "New Mass" in English (the Novus Ordo) made its appearance.  Many deacons, lay readers and often lay preachers actually believe that they also are "priests of a sort, who also   say Mass."  Some very proud   laymen seemed to have the attitude that they could say it even   better than the priest!

In the times following the Anglican takeover from the Catholic Church, many Catholics in England believed the Anglican service to be rightfully and validly Catholic since the Anglican was presented to them  by their own local Catholic Church. [This is similar to our day when Latin Mass was forbidden and   New Mass was imposed by the local bishops.]

Because Catholics were confused by the use of the Anglican translations used in Catholic prayerbooks, Pope Leo convened a commission to study the Anglican question once more, despite the fact that it had already been declared invalid. He appointed Abbot Aidan Gasquet to head his study. The commission found the Anglican to be "null and void." But the damage had already been done.  While the translations were correct for the Anglicans, they were incorrect for Catholics and were infecting Catholic doctrine. [Pope Leo issued Apostolicae in 1896.]

Why did Abbot Gasquet come to America in 1913?  He gave sermons in which he compared the canonized Catholic Latin Mass to the Anglican service. Now we know how "immaculata hostiam" is mistranslated to "spotless host."  Non-Catholics like the Anglicans   believe the bread and wine to be merely symbolic of Christ.

Immaculate Victim, Christ, is offered!  Is this not why He was born–to be offered in Sacrifice, to rise from the dead and to be "active and alive" among us in the Holy Eucharist and Sacraments? 

From the earliest days of the Church, efforts were made to change Christ's teaching and to change the Faith. It was the devil's plan. Satan had to destroy the Church before he could then destroy every vestige of Christianity in the world and all its governments.

In our day, in the recent past of the 1960s, the false media played up all manner of errors the Church was fighting and made news heroes of all the experts of Vatican II who spoke out in favor of the Church men changing the rules to embrace the errors.  The Church became politically correct to the world while becoming politically deaf to the need for God’s law and order in its Catholic people. This breakdown of the Church led to the present attempt to destabilize the governments of the whole world in favor of satanic chaos.

There appears to be an effort to bring back the Latin Mass. Let us pray that this is accomplished soon and that the Church becomes prayerfully attuned to God and His Will “By the very fact that you changed the words indicate that you do not have the intention to do what the Church has always done." (paraphrased Pope Leo to the Anglicans.)  See The Abbot & Me on Liturgy by Fr. Paul Trinchard.

A final note: Pope Leo was petitioned to add St. Joseph to the Canon of martyrs in the Mass. He refused explaining that no one, not even he as pope, could change what Christ had ordained.

Also: Not even the priest on the altar had an English translation of the Latin Mass in his altar Mass Book!

"SISTER SAID" What Did Sister Say?

In the golden days of yesteryear when the good nuns taught in Catholic schools, whatever "Sister said" was accepted as coming from God.
Sister said:
The Church never changes.
The Church never changes.
The Church never changes.
The Mass has to be in Latin.
The Mass has to be in Latin.
The Mass has to be in Latin.
Let us Read and Remember.
Let us Pray.
Has the Church changed?

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Offertory Prayer in Latin

Suscipe, sancte Pater, omnípotens ætérne Deus, hanc immaculátam hóstiam, quam ego indígnus fámulus tuus óffero tibi, Deo meo vivo et vero, pro innumerabílibus peccátis, et offensiónibus, et negligéntiis meis, et pro ómnibus circumstántibus, sed et pro ómnibus fidélibus Christiánis vivis atque defúnctis: ut mihi, et illis profíciat ad salútem in vitam ætérnam. Amenw.

St. Joseph Daily Missal, Catholic Book Publishing Company, 1956, pp 658-659 and every single Latin/English prayerbook.

* Incorrect English Translation *

Accept, O Holy Father, Almighty and Eternal God, this * spotless host, * which I, Thy unworthy servant, offer unto Thee, my living and true God, to atone for my numberless sins, offenses, and negligences; on behalf of all here present and likewise for all faithful Christians living and dead, that it may profit me and them as a means of salvation unto life everlasting. Amen.

* SHOULD BE: IMMACULATE VICTIM * not “spotless host.”


Offering of the Victim in Latin

Unde et mémores, Dómine, nos servi tui, sed et plebs tua sancta ejúsdem Christi Fílii tui Dómini nostri tam beátæ Passiónis, nec non et ab ínferis Resurrectiónis, sed et in cœlos gloriósæ Ascensiónis: offérimus præcláræ majestáti tuæ de tuis donis ac datis hóstiam puram, hóstiam sanctam, hóstiam immaculátam * Panem sanctum * vitæ ætérnæ, et Cálicem salútis perpetuæ. * “Panem” translates Holy Bread.* see below


Since the same terminology “immaculatam hostim” is used in both the Supplices Sanctae Pater prayer, why is the first translated “spotless host” and the other in the Per Upsum prayer translate “immaculate Victim?”

Since “panem” means bread and “hostia” means “victim,” what is a “spotless host?”  Since Latin offers Christ, the Lamb of God, is spotless host “a piece of white unleavened bread” just as the Newmass prays: “We offer this bread made with human hands....”

Correct English Translation

Mindful, therefore, O Lord, not only of the blessed passion of the same Christ, Thy Son, our Lord, but also of His resurrection from the dead, and finally His glorious ascension into heaven, we, Thy ministers, as also Thy holy people, offer unto Thy supreme majesty, of the gifts bestowed upon us, the pure Victim, the holy Victim, the all-perfect Victim: the holy Bread of life eternal and the Chalice of unending salvation.

St. Joseph Daily Missal, Catholic Book Publishing Company, 1956, pp 678-681

“Spotless host” does not appear in Latin anywhere in this prayer.

Is “spotless host” referring to bread?  No: PANEM is the Latin word for bread.

Is “spotless host” a result of infiltration of the Anglican which denied Latin and “anything pope-ish, in its departure from the Roman Catholic Mass? See Pope Leo XIII, Apostolicae Curae, 1896.  See The Abbot & Me on Liturgy.

Since immaculatam hostia translates “immaculate Victim” in the Offering of the Victim Prayer, should it not translate the same in the Offertory Prayer?  The Holy Catholic Mass does not offer bread; Christ is offered.

Are mistranslations the reason why the International Commission of English in the Liturgy (ICEL) did not accept the American Bishops’ translation of English in the Latin Liturgy? Has the American Bishops’ Church departed from Christ’s One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church?


“The Novus Ordo is a striking departure from the Catholic theology of the Holy Mass.”

__so stated the Cardinals’ Commission (Ottaviani and Bacci) of upper clergy and theologians to Pope Paul VI regarding  the version of the Novus Ordo which was close to being orthodox than the (American) Novus Ordo English Liturgy.

The Novus Ordo version imposed by American Bishops via the International Commission on English Liturgy has never been approved by the Vatican.

Should today’s bishops form a commission to study the orthodoxy of this English New Mass to validate its legitimacy as Catholic theology?

Why not mail your favorite book to your Bishop with a prayerful note regarding this matter?

Can today’s American Bishops fix the errors imposed by their 1960s’  predecessors–Bishops in Revolt against the Sacred Tradition in both  Human and Liturgical Morals established by Christ Himself and handed down to us from  His Apostles?  The Revolting Bishops’ “new Mass” is a new religion!

Today’s Bishops certainly can fix the problem, but first they need to recognize the vast differences between the Mass from Christ and Christ’s religion versus the Bishops “new Mass” and its “new religion.” If one is not “for Christ,” then one is against Christ; one is anti-Christ. History, Holy Tradition and Apostolic lineage all support Christ’s Holy Mass and religion.

Lex orandi; lex credendi.

What is prayed is what is believed. What is believed is what is prayed.

Hence, “new Mass” is a “new religion.”

Let us pray.

Let us pray the Rosary–which the Revolting Bishops denigrated in their day.   The Rosary, let us pray that today’s Bishops at least “begin” to fix our problem.

Why not mail your favorite book to your Bishop with prayerful note? God bless this effort.


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