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According to the Preponderance of Evidence
(the product of 15 years of study)
by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

In the aftermath of Henry VIII, Catholics suffered martyrdom upon discovery of Holy Ordered priests offering valid Canonized Latin Masses in homes. In 1896, after centuries of uncertainty, it was Pope Leo XIII himself, who declared (Anglican) “New Mass” and even “New Ordinal” “null and void” or invalid.

Catholics, are you aware that the Anglican problem of invalid “New Mass” and “New Ordinal” is now the Catholic problem of our times? Does Pope Leo XIII’s dogmatic definition apply to the present “New Mass” and “New Ordinal?” Has the Catholic Church prospered since the 1960's when the Bishops’ imposed their “New Mass” and “New Ordinal?”

THIS BOOK IS TOTALLY, COMPLETELY - WITHOUT EXCEPTION - CATHOLIC!  - Lila Karpf, agent of the late Malachi Martin

Large Print Paperback $16


SPECIAL! SET OF 14 FR. TRINCHARD BOOKS! for ALL listed below (As long as supply lasts/paperback unless otherwise noted)

All titles by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

  • God’s Word (Hardback 2nd edition)
  • New Age New Mass (SOLD OUT)
  • The Awesome Fatima Consecrations (SOLD OUT) 
  • The Mass That Made Padre Pio (SOLD OUT)
  • The Abbot & Me On Liturgy (SOLD OUT)
  • Fatima Apocalypse Now (SOLD OUT)
  • The Mystery of Faith
  • Latin Mass Prayers Explained
  • New Mass Conclusively Invalid  (2nd edition)
  • Apocalypse of the Mass 
  • One Holy Catholic Apostolic
  • Catechism of Divine Liturgy
  • Life Before Death
  • The Four Marks of the True Church of Jesus Christ

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Fatima Multi Media Bundle

Order ALL of the FATIMA titles listed below on CD or DVD for only $48:

    - The Fatima Curse
    - Our Lady & the Holy Sacrifice
    - The 3rd Secret: Mystery of Faith or Loss of Faith
    - The Alleged 3rd Secret
    - Novus Ordo as Fulfillment of Fatima Revelation
    - Church Prognosis for the Future (available on CD only) 

Special $48 (Available on DVD or Audio CD)

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by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

"As more and more of the Catholic laity return to attendance at the immemorial Latin Mass, there is a felt need for a vernacular translation of the Latin prayers which is accurate and reverential. Fr. Trinchard's MY BASIC MISSAL meets this need. No greater praise can be given of this work than to say that Pope Saint Gregory the Great who codified our beautiful Mass in the 6th century, would have been wholly enthusiastic for this translation -- its grace, its accuracy, its prayerfullness. I have shown it to several officials in the Roman congregation, and they singly praise it highly."  

- Rev. Dr. Malachi Martin

Pamphlet style, large print, paperback $15


by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

Dedicated to St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, the Saint of the Canonized Mass, this prayerbook by Fr. Paul Trinchard, helps Catholics to live the Mass: offering the daily suffering, joys and happenings of his own life through, in and into Christ's Holy Sacrifice of Calvary, in order to become part of Christ's Memory, as expressed by Christ at His Last Supper and Testament. Contains the Ordinary of the Mass in Latin (left page) and English (right page).

5-Star Review

Pamphlet style, large print, Paperback $15

LATIN MASS PRAYERS EXPLAINED Exegesis of the Canonized Latin Mass Prayers

by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

Love and dedication to the Canonized Latin Mass should be built upon a comprehensive understanding of the Latin Mass prayers.   Latin Mass is made easy with this book by Fr. Trinchard.

This book provides:
          - Extended exegesis - 326 pages
          - Line by line translation of each prayer
          - Prayer by prayer translation
          - Spiritual reflection of each prayer

It is an excellent tool for teaching Latin Mass and explains the Latin Mass as the Church has always taught it.

Large Print Paperback $16


Good Reads

Praying the Holy Rosary brings one closer to Jesus, since the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary reflect the memory and relevance of Christ to us.  The more one prays the Holy Rosary, the more one becomes intimate with Jesus and His Mother, Mary.
Bundle $30



by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

Fr. Paul Trinchard provides a much needed catechism for our times, explaining God's revelation in His Holy Bible; the necessity for following Christ's Divine Liturgy; the dire consequences which result from the rejection of God's revealed commandments; the futility of replacing God with Man; and the absolute necessity to return to God and His Divine Liturgy of Salvation.

Large Print Paperback $16


Nuns Fly, Priests Grounded

As a Newchurch priest of my times, I taught physics, English, religion, etc. to Jesuit High students who excelled, winning many honors. I am a good teacher! 
However, I failed to understand and master the "art" of teaching new diocesan religion in grades K through 12. I had only five years of graduate theology. I wasn't an "updated" religion teacher, not even for grammar school. When group circles were "in" priests and what they stood for were "out." I was "the priest," an obstacle to a "growing Christianity;" an obstacle to each defining oneself as God. I was banned from teaching religion then, but because of a temporary change in state policy, I was later designated to do so.  
"Are you certified to teach religion?" asked the nun filling out the diocesan form.  "No," I answered but added, "neither is the Pope." 
Back then, in his talks, Bishop Sheen contended that there was no priest-identity problem. The post-Vatican II revolution rejected Sheen's [traditional] type of priest, but he didn't  seem to know this. As chaplain for the Christian Brothers school, I recall how Sheen was ridiculed and despised by many of the Brothers. Why? Probably, he reminded them of the immutable identity of Christ's Church, even though he failed to recognize and condemn Newchurch as it fully deserved. [Psychologists were "in." God's religion and his priests were "out."]    
by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L. 
Paperback $16


Great Betrayal: Thoughts on the Great Betrayal: Thoughts on the Invalidity of the New Mass

by Hugh Ross Williamson

Explains the author's contention that the Novus Ordo Mass is invalid, with historical background showing how the change to the new Mass came about.




One Message One Truth: The Prophecies of the Blessed Virgin at Fatima, Lourdes, Akita and Other Approved Apparitions

by Daniel Connolly

One Message One Truth is a look at various Marian apparitions fully approved by the Catholic Church. Examined are the messages of the Blessed Virgin, the words of the visionaries, and also comments made by several popes about the events including Benedict XVI, John Paul II and Paul VI.

"This is a well written, thought provoking, account of historically well-documented apparitions of Mary, the Mother of God." - Katherine



My Sunday Missal "Explained"

by Fr. Stedman

Latin Tridentine Mass.

Originally printed 1941, Confraternity of the Precious Blood.
Contains Latin/English Ordinary with Propers for all Sundays of the year. Numbering system explains how to follow the Mass. Present edition published by MAETA, with exegesis of Mass prayers for laymen.

Paperback $15

Hardcover $25

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by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

Fr. Paul Trinchard meditates on God's Word with love, reverence, deep joy and even humor. This book is delightful, informative, inspiring, brilliant; a hard-hitting refutation of evolutionary and modern negative biblical theories which permeate our times. Guaranteed to strengthen and restore your confidence in the Bible as God's Word.      - Rev. Vincent Miceli

Recommended for school and seminary libraries ... a comforting book for the normally intelligent and educated layfolk.    - Rev. Dr. Malachi Martin

Paperback $13



by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

What are the words of prophecy most important to us today?

What is the prophecy that was given and now is fulfilled?

What is the prophecy "active and alive among us?"

"Apocalypse" is a "hiding" and a revealing: that which is hidden (or seen as through a veil) is now revealed.

What is the "revelation" of the Apocalypse?

Large Print Paperback $9



by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

Fr. Paul Trinchard addresses the shallow ecumenical views expounded by progressive theologians in post-Vatican II times. He defines the one and only Church of Salvation according to the Christ-bestowed Divine Liturgy. He provides the key to understanding the evolutionary-based nonsensical "newspeak" of the popes of our times.

  • Is the existential church "Catholic" or "apostate?"
  • Does the "New Mass" pray a new religion?
  • Is the post-Vatican II Church one, holy, catholic and apostolic as defined according to Catholic Tradition?
  • Are modern bishops "living Apostles" among us?
  • Would "pre-Vatican II popes" concur with post-Vatican II expressions of faith and worship?
  • Has the Church committed suicide in altering Her liturgy?
  • Where is the Church of the four marks - Christ's one and only Church of Salvation?
Large Print Paperback $9