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According to the Preponderance of Evidence
(the product of 15 years of study)
by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

In the aftermath of Henry VIII, Catholics suffered martyrdom upon discovery of Holy Ordered priests offering valid Canonized Latin Masses in homes. In 1896, after centuries of uncertainty, it was Pope Leo XIII himself, who declared (Anglican) “New Mass” and even “New Ordinal” “null and void” or invalid.

Catholics, are you aware that the Anglican problem of invalid “New Mass” and “New Ordinal” is now the Catholic problem of our times? Does Pope Leo XIII’s dogmatic definition apply to the present “New Mass” and “New Ordinal?” Has the Catholic Church prospered since the 1960's when the Bishops’ imposed their “New Mass” and “New Ordinal?”

THIS BOOK IS TOTALLY, COMPLETELY - WITHOUT EXCEPTION - CATHOLIC!  - Lila Karpf, agent of the late Malachi Martin

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Praying the Holy Rosary brings one closer to Jesus, since the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary reflect the memory and relevance of Christ to us.  The more one prays the Holy Rosary, the more one becomes intimate with Jesus and His Mother, Mary.
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Padre Pio Bundle

THE MASS THAT MADE PADRE PIO - - Padre Pio prayed the Holy Mass to such a degree of sanctity that he actually suffered the passion of Christ.  Abbot Gasquet enlightens us that  the Mass is Christ's unbloody sacrifice of the Cross, the priest in persona Christi offering Christ-- immaculatam hostiam, Immaculate Victim, Christ, not a piece of bread, not a spotless host.  And Pope Leo XIII spells out to us what is necessary for a valid intention for both ordination and for Holy Mass.  All three persons are modern day defenders of the Faith.  All three for $32!




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All titles by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

  • God’s Word (Hardback 2nd edition)
  • New Age New Mass
  • The Awesome Fatima Consecrations 
  • The Mass That Made Padre Pio
  • The Abbot & Me On Liturgy 
  • Fatima Apocalypse Now
  • The Mystery of Faith
  • Latin Mass Prayers Explained
  • New Mass Conclusively Invalid  (2nd edition)
  • Apocalypse of the Mass 
  • One Holy Catholic Apostolic
  • Catechism of Divine Liturgy
  • Life Before Death
  • The Four Marks of the True Church of Jesus Christ

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  • The Canonized Mass History & Law    
  • Novus Ordo Condemned     


  • Sacraments Sacrileged
  • Faith Hope Charity
  • Gestating Into Heaven
  • One Holy Catholic Apostolic
  • Keep the Faith
  • The Indulted Mass
  • Matrimony the Sacrament
  • Mass Meditations   
  • Worshipping God in these End Times
  • Guidelines for Going Outside the Church for Mass and Sacraments


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  • My Basic Missal  (2nd Edition Latin/English Ordinary)
  • Padre Pio Mass Prayerbook (Latin/English Ordinary)
  • My Sunday Missal  © 1941 original; edited 1998 PB Ordinary & Propers for Sunday


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Life Before Death - Now Available in easy-to-download PDF format and Amazon's Kindle Reader.

There's no one like Fr. Trinchard! You'll laugh! You'll cry! as Fr. Trinchard leads you down memory lane of the post-Vatican II revolution. Fr. Trinchard at his best, you will embrace his conversion and love for Divine Liturgy as you read this memorable book!

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“Hail, Mary,” the one and only channel through whom graces come to us, or through whom the Holy Ghost operates, bestowing graces. Through Holy Mary, He operates somewhat as the Second Person of the Trinity operates: through His human nature.

Holy Mary totally loves God and is totally obedient to God’s Will.  God responds and graces her to be Benedicta, the blessed human one through whom Benedictus, God’s full and only Blessing, Jesus Christ, comes as Saviour. 

In God’s mystery of the Mass, the Holy Ghost operates through Benedicta.  Holy Mary is the channel for the graces empowering Christ-priest to bring Christ’s Sacrifice among us in a mystical, sacramental way.

Thus, Christ-priest, acting ex officio in persona Christi, somehow and awesomely acts because of and through Holy Mary, the channel of all graces.  It can also be affirmed that the priest is like unto Mary: but, instead of “Be it done unto me according to God’s Will,” he is challenged to determine: “Be it done by me as God Wills in total obedience by my saying the  Canonized Latin Mass Liturgy.”  

Excerpt from Latin Mass Prayers Explained, p.158


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Listen to Fr. Trinchard in His Own Words . . .

Apostolic Tradition vs. “Living” Tradition
Important distinctions are to be made when defining Tradition. Fr. Trinchard explains how the imposed “living” tradition contradicts the Christ-defined Truth. 

Oblation: the Essence of the Mass 
How do you pray?  Hear Fr. Trinchard explain the oblation aspect of prayer.

Total Length: 4 hours (2 hours each)

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A Priest for Our Times

Fr. Paul Trinchard was ordained a Jesuit priest on June 7, 1966 by Archbishop Philip M. Hanna in the Archdiocese of New Orleans. He had already graduated ...

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