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Peter, whose name means “rock,” was chosen by Christ to preserve this “rock of His Church: His Holy Sacrifice of the Mass;” the un-bloody representation of His Holy Supper and Death on the Cross made present in our space/time, so that He could be present, active and alive among us until the end of time. From the beginning, there were dissenters from Christ’s Apostolic teaching. Councils were convened to correct alien teachings.

The Council of Trent did not invent what is now called the Tridentine Mass. Trent removed additions to the original Mass of the first 200 years. Trent restored and canonized Christ’s Holy Mass of Apostolic origin. Enemies of Christ’s Church often tried to destroy it.  Martin Luther said it was necessary to destroy the Mass in order to destroy the Church. . .  See Bella  Dodd.

It was not until the 1960s that revolutionary bishops within the Church were successful, using their disobedience to change the Mass. 

Recall the many sermons of indoctrination to initiate “Communion in the hand.” To hold Jesus in your hand is to have power over Him.  To change the Mass is to destroy it. With a pretense of piety, they added St. Joseph to the Canon of Martyrs.   When petitioned to do so, Pope Leo XIII rightly refused, saying, “even as Pope, he had neither power nor authority.”  Although Novus Ordo is Latin, “Masses” are said in English.  Latin words were incorrect translations, causing a myriad of false “praying.”  Media reported that the words of Consecration were changed to satisfy complaints of NOW who wailed that use of “men” was not inclusive of women.

How clever is the devil! He used media and politics to change the Mass. Even one change is too much for the “sensus et praxis fidelium.” Catholics always had certitude of validity of Holy Mass and it was comforting to feel that no matter the wickedness of the world, the Church and God are “semper ubique idem.” Without Christ’s Mass, the Church is devoid of its most powerful weapon.

At Fatima, Holy Mary warned that we must pray the Rosary and make reparation or Communism would over-take the world.  Reparation means the Church must return  to “par!”–that is, “as it always was–semper ubique idem.” After all, changes were made in disobedience to unchangeable Sacred Tradition. Was it not because of Adam’s disobedience that Christ save us?  Need He save us again?  English has never been approved, not even in old Latin/English prayer-books despite “imprimaturs.”

Fr. Trinchard was ordained for Latin Mass by Archbishop Hannan in New Orleans. He was never instructed to “say Latin Mass.” 1966 bishops were imposing Mass in faulty English. He said his first Latin Mass in retirement. He even dreamed Latin Mass prayers. He felt robbed of his priesthood after his joy of praying Latin Mass. Many Latin Mass priests returned to it at retirement.

Now is the time for priests to undertake a study of Latin Mass.  Fr. Trinchard’s books reflect the Faith and theology from God’s perspective as taught by His Church. Father makes Latin Mass Prayers easy. Please pray and study for yourself.  Latin Mass Priests are today’s heroes!

The Church never changes.
Canon Law: Mass must be in Latin  for the Roman  Rite.
Lex orandi; lexx credendi.
Semper  ubique idem!
The Priest in persona Christi “says” Mass; the Faithful “hear” Mass.
Holy Mass is the Church’s most powerful weapon!




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Fr. Trinchard was fond of T. S. Eliot.  His favorite character was Celia who thought something must be wrong with herself; because if not, then something must be wrong with the whole world and that would be terrible!  This is true in our world without the Canonized Latin Mass. 

Ever since the1960s Bishops Revolution, the Church has lost its peak performance of growing Christ’s flock.  In the 1950s many bishops had so many vocations that new priests were advised they should seek another diocese.  Most parishes had at least two priests and in larger cities, even three or four. 

In the 1960s, the Catholic world changed. It was the beginning of the world we have today. The enemy within came to power. It is the 1960s Revolutionary Bishops who brutally ripped the Canonized Latin Mass away from Christ’s Church.  Like a tyrant in bully mode, they forbad the CLM from Church, thus giving the impression that there was something wrong and sinful about the CLM, despite the fact it was of Divine origin and was unchangeable worship for 19 centuries. 

Never mind, the law was broken; broken in order to change the law, to change the Church, to change the world to what it is today. It is said if you want to destroy the Church, first destroy Christ’s Mass.

Many think it is only a matter of English/Latin.  It’s a matter of who is God and Man is not God; a matter of Truth: words were mistranslated, altering the meaning and intention of Christ’s Mass; a matter of obedience; a choice: Christ or anti-Christ!  Who would   disobey Christ’s Mass of more than 1900 years of Sacred Tradition and Church law?  Who would obey the disobedient? Who follows demonic leaders?

MAETA donates many books.  Receivers often ask what should be done with them.  The answer is “Read them!”  They won’t hurt you! After all, Fr. Trinchard is preaching what the Church has taught and still teaches!  The New Mass is illegal. The New Mass, very much like the Anglican, but analytically worse, has been declared ‘null and void” by many popes throughout the centuries, the latest, Pope Leo XIII in 1896.  The dogmatic Council of Trent forbade any alteration, addition or subtraction. Pope Leo was petitioned to add St. Joseph to the Mass, but refused, saying he had neither power nor authority. Christ is the Head of the Church. The Pope is merely the visible head.   

It may surprise New Massers to know that the New Mass has never been approved by the Congregations in Rome; nor has the ICEL approved the English translation. Remember, Trent stipulates no changes of any kind. Latin into English is a major change. Thus, New Mass is illicit and invalid. If New Mass is to continue to be used, then there is a New Church where everything is allowed which is disallowed in the Roman Catholic Church. If there is a New Church, then let it be declared! Isn’t this something Catholics should know?

It is the 1960s Revolutionary Bishops and their progeny who forbade the CLM; so it is left to God-loving Bishops of today to fix these problems create by these revolutionaries of yesteryear. Please begin by restoring the study of Latin in the seminaries. Even secular universities of higher education have kept the study of Latin.

Please refresh and strengthen your Faith by reading Fr. Trinchard’s books. His popular style of writing makes his books a joy, not a chore.  Pray the Rosary; request your flock to pray the Rosary. Praying the Rosary will inspire you as to how to use your power as a Bishop to follow God’s Will.  After all, the Rosary made me brave enough to write these letters!  ✠ 

Why should Catholics read Fr. Trinchard’s books?

“Destroy the Mass: destroy the Church.” –Martin Luther

Catholics owe it to their own spiritual selves to ascertain the truth of the Roman Catholic Church since the 1960s Bishops Revolt replaced Christ’s Holy Mass with a service invented by man. 

Words have meanings. Christ’s Holy Mass was oriented to God. The Will of God was thus surrendered to the will of man.  One change led to another and another.  Latin words were translated incorrectly.  Thus, man became God and reveled in it.

Since Holy Mass produced Christ active and alive in the Holy Eucharist, the prayers to “man-god” had no efficacy.  What was the result?  Naturally, the New Mass became a new religion and it was not Catholic.  

If there is no Latin Mass instituted by Christ, then there is anti-Christ.  Logically, it cannot be otherwise.  If you attend New Mass because you feel obligated to do so, do you feel certain of the validity of your worship and religion?

Fr. Trinchard’s books treat every aspect of the problems associated with this New Mass and new religion.  That’s why we have the entire set.  Read them according to the copyright dates.  These books are the result of more than thirty years of study. 

To be sure, the Roman Church existed more than nineteen hundred years without change, until the 1960s Bishops introduced “weeds into His garden” as He prophesied in His Gospel and as Our Lady at Fatima predicted would happen under Communism.

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According to the Preponderance of Evidence
(the product of 15 years of study)
by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

In the aftermath of Henry VIII, Catholics suffered martyrdom upon discovery of Holy Ordered priests offering valid Canonized Latin Masses in homes. In 1896, after centuries of uncertainty, it was Pope Leo XIII himself, who declared (Anglican) “New Mass” and even “New Ordinal” “null and void” or invalid.

Catholics, are you aware that the Anglican problem of invalid “New Mass” and “New Ordinal” is now the Catholic problem of our times? Does Pope Leo XIII’s dogmatic definition apply to the present “New Mass” and “New Ordinal?” Has the Catholic Church prospered since the 1960's when the Bishops’ imposed their “New Mass” and “New Ordinal?”

Large Print Paperback $16


Good Reads

Praying the Holy Rosary brings one closer to Jesus, since the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary reflect the memory and relevance of Christ to us.  The more one prays the Holy Rosary, the more one becomes intimate with Jesus and His Mother, Mary.
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  • The Canonized Mass History & Law    
  • Novus Ordo Condemned     


  • Sacraments Sacrileged
  • Faith Hope Charity
  • Gestating Into Heaven
  • One Holy Catholic Apostolic
  • Keep the Faith
  • The Indulted Mass
  • Matrimony the Sacrament
  • Mass Meditations   
  • Worshipping God in these End Times
  • Guidelines for Going Outside the Church for Mass and Sacraments


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  • My Basic Missal  (2nd Edition Latin/English Ordinary)
  • Padre Pio Mass Prayerbook (Latin/English Ordinary)
  • My Sunday Missal  © 1941 original; edited 1998 PB Ordinary & Propers for Sunday


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Life Before Death - Now Available in easy-to-download PDF format and Amazon's Kindle Reader.

There's no one like Fr. Trinchard! You'll laugh! You'll cry! as Fr. Trinchard leads you down memory lane of the post-Vatican II revolution. Fr. Trinchard at his best, you will embrace his conversion and love for Divine Liturgy as you read this memorable book!

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“Hail, Mary,” the one and only channel through whom graces come to us, or through whom the Holy Ghost operates, bestowing graces. Through Holy Mary, He operates somewhat as the Second Person of the Trinity operates: through His human nature.

Holy Mary totally loves God and is totally obedient to God’s Will.  God responds and graces her to be Benedicta, the blessed human one through whom Benedictus, God’s full and only Blessing, Jesus Christ, comes as Saviour. 

In God’s mystery of the Mass, the Holy Ghost operates through Benedicta.  Holy Mary is the channel for the graces empowering Christ-priest to bring Christ’s Sacrifice among us in a mystical, sacramental way.

Thus, Christ-priest, acting ex officio in persona Christi, somehow and awesomely acts because of and through Holy Mary, the channel of all graces.  It can also be affirmed that the priest is like unto Mary: but, instead of “Be it done unto me according to God’s Will,” he is challenged to determine: “Be it done by me as God Wills in total obedience by my saying the  Canonized Latin Mass Liturgy.”  

Excerpt from Latin Mass Prayers Explained, p.158


In the days of Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903) he often found himself having to explain Catholic teaching.  For example, only priests are ordained to "say Mass" and only priests have the "power and authority" to confect the sacraments.  Laymen are not so authorized.  

Catholic prayer books with Latin Mass translations were non-existent.  Popes did not authorize Mass prayerbooks with English translations. Despite this papal prohibition, Catholic publishers produced these prayerbooks with English translations and American bishops stamped their "imprimaturs."   To this very day, there is no English translation yet approved by the proper authorities in Rome.

Why did the Church not approve such prayerbook translations?  Perhaps the answer can be found in the aftermath of Vatican II when "New Mass" in English (the Novus Ordo) made its appearance.  Many deacons, lay readers and often lay preachers actually believe that they also are "priests of a sort, who also   say Mass."  Some very proud   laymen seemed to have the attitude that they could say it even   better than the priest!

In the times following the Anglican takeover from the Catholic Church, many Catholics in England believed the Anglican service to be rightfully and validly Catholic since the Anglican was presented to them  by their own local Catholic Church. [This is similar to our day when Latin Mass was forbidden and   New Mass was imposed by the local bishops.]

Because Catholics were confused by the use of the Anglican translations used in Catholic prayerbooks, Pope Leo convened a commission to study the Anglican question once more, despite the fact that it had already been declared invalid. He appointed Abbot Aidan Gasquet to head his study. The commission found the Anglican to be "null and void." But the damage had already been done.  While the translations were correct for the Anglicans, they were incorrect for Catholics and were infecting Catholic doctrine. [Pope Leo issued Apostolicae in 1896.]

Why did Abbot Gasquet come to America in 1913?  He gave sermons in which he compared the canonized Catholic Latin Mass to the Anglican service. Now we know how "immaculata hostiam" is mistranslated to "spotless host."  Non-Catholics like the Anglicans   believe the bread and wine to be merely symbolic of Christ.

Immaculate Victim, Christ, is offered!  Is this not why He was born–to be offered in Sacrifice, to rise from the dead and to be "active and alive" among us in the Holy Eucharist and Sacraments? 

From the earliest days of the Church, efforts were made to change Christ's teaching and to change the Faith. It was the devil's plan. Satan had to destroy the Church before he could then destroy every vestige of Christianity in the world and all its governments.

In our day, in the recent past of the 1960s, the false media played up all manner of errors the Church was fighting and made news heroes of all the experts of Vatican II who spoke out in favor of the Church men changing the rules to embrace the errors.  The Church became politically correct to the world while becoming politically deaf to the need for God’s law and order in its Catholic people. This breakdown of the Church led to the present attempt to destabilize the governments of the whole world in favor of satanic chaos.

There appears to be an effort to bring back the Latin Mass. Let us pray that this is accomplished soon and that the Church becomes prayerfully attuned to God and His Will “By the very fact that you changed the words indicate that you do not have the intention to do what the Church has always done." (paraphrased Pope Leo to the Anglicans.)  See The Abbot & Me on Liturgy by Fr. Paul Trinchard.

A final note: Pope Leo was petitioned to add St. Joseph to the Canon of martyrs in the Mass. He refused explaining that no one, not even he as pope, could change what Christ had ordained.

Also: Not even the priest on the altar had an English translation of the Latin Mass in his altar Mass Book!


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